The Top Dota 2 Players Who Have Never Won a Major

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  Majority of the top Dota 2 players have all either won a Major or a TI, with some having already won both.

  Not all of the best Dota 2 pros have won either, however.

  In fact, in the history of Dota 2, there are a handful of professional Dota 2 players whose validation, whether in the form of a Major or a TI, still has yet to come.

  While a TI or a Major does not define a pro player’s career, it does help them establish their legacy. Without either one, it’ll be hard to make a case for a player to be considered as one of the game’s best, and mind you, the list of top Dota 2 players who have never won a Major (nor a TI) is no joke, as you’ll soon learn.

  The man, the myth, the legend himself, BurNIng is widely considered one of the top Dota 2 players ever. His long and storied career spans the entirety of Dota 2, plus a more years spent competing professionally during the days of Defense of the Ancients (dotA).

  Now already 30 years old, BurNIng‘s best days are already behind him, which he probably knows himself as he has focused more of his efforts towards coaching his own team, Team Aster.

  During his competitive years, however, BurNIng was a name that struck fear in the hearts of opposing teams and inspired his teammates. A hard carry who has proven so many times before that he can win games on his own if you give him enough time, BurNIng holds multiple GPM records in matches. In particular, he currently holds the highest GPM record in a match with Anti-Mage, one of his signature heroes. He also holds the third-highest GPM in competitive Dota 2 games for non-Alchemist heroes, which he achieved in a group stage game against OG during the Kiev Major while playing with Invictus Gaming.

  For all of his accolades, however, BurNING always fell short at winning a Major. The closest he got was winning the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017, which many consider as China’s equivalent of TI.

  Ever since bursting onto the scene with Team Empire back in 2013-14 and establishing himself as a top-tier talent after helping Digital Chaos go all the way from the regional qualifiers to second place at The International 2016, Resolut1on has consistently been ranked as one of the most reliable hard carries in the world. His play style, which focuses on maximizing farm while minimizing risks and deaths without necessarily requiring teams to pour in as many resources to securing his game, is often cited as the best example of how hard carries should try to play.

  After finding little success with OG during the inaugural Dota Pro Circuit last year, Resolut1on found a lot of success after his mid-season transfer to VGJ.Storm, where he very nearly won a Major at MDL Changsha and placed in the Top 8 at The International 2018. However, this season, Resolut1on has not even come close to winning a Major with Forward Gaming.

  Featuring a lineup bolstered by TI5 winner Saahil ‘Universe‘ Arora in the offseason, Forward Gaming has not played up to their potential this season and are looking like a team who’s closer to making a roster change than contending.

  With that said, it might be a while before we see Resolut1on winning a Major, let alone a TI.

  Super isn’t a name that you hear often when you talk about the top Dota 2 players. Neither the flashiest nor most explosive player on his team, Super excels in playing “safe” core heroes like Dragon Knight, Death Prophet, and Razor, but he is also not above playing heroes like Storm Spirit well enough to carry games on the biggest stage of them all. However, despite having found himself in teams such as Team DK and Vici Gaming, the 26-year-old Chinese professional Dota 2 player has never really come close to winning a Major.

  Super is currently part of Team Root and has not had much success since his third-place run with LFY back in The International 2017.

  ddc is one of the long-time veterans in Dota 2. In fact, ddc?is one of only three players to have competed at every TI. The others are Kuro ‘KuroKy‘ Salehi Takhasomi and Clement ‘Puppey‘ Ivanov.

  Unfortunately, while KuroKy and Puppey have each won a Major and a TI, ddc has won neither. In fact, he has yet to win a big tournament throughout his career. His closest call was with VGJ.Thunder last season where they placed second at the Bucharest Major. But, other than that, most of ddc’s placements have come as near-wins.

  Ask any Dota 2 player and they’ll tell you who Arteezy is. Literally, everybody in Dota 2 knows this pubstar/streamer-turned-pro.

  Mind you, it’s not because he’s got an affable personality on stream either. In fact, Arteezy is meme’d more for his raging than his interactions with fans. Yet, people still choose to watch him when he streams, and for good reason — Arteezy is just so good at Dota 2.

  Having played most of his career with Evil Geniuses, the 22-year-old Canadian professional Dota 2 player has placed third multiple times at a TI, doing so in TI4, TI6, and most recently, at TI8, as well as in multiple Majors, doing so very recently at both the Kuala Lumpur Major and the Chongqing Major.

  Winning though, is a different story.

  For whatever reason, Arteezy has never really come second place at any Major, let alone win one. This is a surprising stat. After all, he’s won nearly $1.9 million in prize money throughout his pro career. This is either sad, or amazing, depending on how you look at it.

  Which of these top Dota 2 players do you think is due to winning a Major soon? Do you think it’s Arteezy? How about Super? Or, perhaps, it’s resolut1on? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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